Accommodation cloud has grown exponentially in recent years with the reduction of costs and the proliferation of virtualized servers or VPS. We all know some company that make Cloud Hosting and even the vast majority use any resource of any company. See Drive, Dropbox, etc… And now ArrayZone also does so, with ArrayCloud. Introducing ArrayCloud…(Read More)

It makes a few days inform the change of ArrayZone from nothing to an association. Already we can say that ArrayZone becomes larger, despite that this is my personal blog and not the public association, that by the way, haven't done you yet, pending task, I would like to post it here too…(Read More)

ArrayZone recently changed the rates for its service of Web hosting, ArrayHosting. Upgrading to the following for all new customers. Those who had a different rate, it would study contracted plan to adapt it to the new rates. New rates include unlimited change, previous plans multiplied by 20 space. Plans, 7 to 3, have also…(Read More)

The month of February 2016 ArrayZone group members decided to formalize a partnership where all the services offered by the group are included. The aim of the Association is to offer services to members of the Group at prices more low average, training courses and other actions that decide. I'll be informing either…(Read More)

Nostalgic welcome! You already have available access to Google Play or Apple Store from an interface as MS-DOS The creator is Andrey Tkachenko, a Ukrainian Developer (Murcia, had many earmarks of being) that commented in his Twitter that he wanted to pair current stores of this mythical interface applications to see how would be…(Read More)

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