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ArrayCloud. Questions and answers

Accommodation cloud has grown exponentially in recent years with the reduction of costs and the proliferation of virtualized servers or VPS. We all know some company that make Cloud Hosting and even the vast majority use any resource of any company. See Drive, Dropbox, etc… And now ArrayZone also does so, with ArrayCloud.

Introducing ArrayCloud

ArrayZone has decided to gain a foothold in this sector and despite that we know that it is very crowded, we are aimed at a specific audience, which wants security and privacy above all else, the only thing that interests him is that your data are safe from being lost, and safe from prying.

We have decided to open a new market, and we do it with very competitive rates as far as Cloud Hosting is concerned. As much of computer ArrayZone, we know that it offers competition and seeking the public.

And he looks for the public?

Unlimited services. Unlimited sells. If you have two rates, an unlimited * and another not, our head directly go to the "unlimited". But grace is there, in Word, in the form of writing that Word. Quotation marks or asterisks in advertising are the fashion today and ArrayZone does not want to participate in that fashion.

And how are you going to participate then?

Offering quality products at simple prices how? Following the KISS mentality. (Keep it Simple Stupid) "Keep it Simple, stupid". This mentality, very applied in the field of the analysis of projects and software says that you things, against more simple, more easy to understand, and against more easy-to-understand, works best.

And how you are going to make it easy?

The rates have to be it. A great product useless if the rates are more complicated to go through a mine field probably has potential customers who do not dare to acquire your product.

VA, account rates that I'm impatient with both text

ArrayCloud monthly fee: €0.30 + VAT and cost per GB of €0.03 + IVA.

And if one day I decide that I want more space?

Regardless of if you want to increase or decrease the rental space, a simple mail that you update.

In the event that you want to reduce the space, will be invoiced to receipt of mail the new rate. If, on the other hand, you want to increase, the new fare you would apply at the time of the real change in space. As you can see, you always win.

During the beta of the service changes will be verified manually, so always rate applies you cheaper that you touch you.

If at the time of the reduction you have more data that gives you the new rate, change void and we owner with you directly to explain it.

Already? Is there no other hidden costs?

No, we do not want to complicate life neither customers nor our administrative.

To calculate the final rate we use four decimal places, but your Bill will come only with 2 decimals. We do it by standard media i.e., if the rate is €18,5130 (500 GB), the invoice would be € 18.51 and if it was 4.0293(101GB) it would be € 4.03

And the bandwidth that we use?

We do not control. The only thing we ask is that if you are going to use much bandwidth for any reason, we give to be able to manage it in the best possible way and that you not feel slow synchronization.

Can we choose any amount of data?

The obvious minimum would be 1GB, which would be €0.40 / month and the maximum currently would be 8000GB (~ 8 TB) that would be €290.73 / month with tax included.

Okay, now on the assumption that interest me… How do I contract it?

ArrayCloud is currently in pre-registration, that means that you must send an email to [email protected] indicating the amount of data you are looking for

And if one day I decide that I don't want anymore continue in ArrayCloud, that will happen with my data.

Your data will be deleted.

We will only keep the essential data, such as your name and address and invoices that you have already claimed. These data will never use them, sell them or to send you advertising, the reason is that we must simply save a record of our clients in the past 5 years (the police, you know…). Then you disappear for ever from our database, unless you want to return. 

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