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ArrayZone, new services

It makes a few days inform the change of ArrayZone from nothing to an association. Already we can say that ArrayZone becomes larger, despite that this is my personal blog and not the public association, that by the way, haven't done you yet, pending task, I would like to post it here too.

ArrayZone is changed, evolved, growing.

ArrayZone was born many years ago as PowerOfDark. Little had that before with what is now, people with different ideas that have allowed ArrayZone to grow and be increasingly, some with face and eyes.

In 2013, we switched from name, we decided to ArrayZone since we thought we were going to be a union of many groups, Array is the name given in programming to an object it has many subobjects (to put it somehow), so we thought that was the perfect name.

And now, ArrayZone can say is to be found really, will now appear in the records of the company, from February we are in the process to transform ArrayZone to an association without spirit of profit. This means that the benefits are reinvested in new services, price reductions or other social actions.

The web hosting plans are reduced to three, Starter, Base and Business, with 1, 5 and 25 GB respectively.
In addition also we have expanded in the coming months (no exact date yet), will also offer a service of Cloud Hosting or storage in the cloud. The service will be fully scalable and will amount to € 0.30/month more VAT service + €0.03 /GB more tax.

The practical example, for example, for 100GB cost is of € 3.99/month (VAT incl.) or e.g. for 500GB cost is €18.51 / month (VAT incl.). The limit is currently in 8 TB per account, which would have a cost of € 290,76/month (incl. VAT).

We opened also new payment platform to accept payment with card with the union to Stripe in the management of payments.

Obviously all RAID-protected to ensure the status of data and systems connected to a network infrastructure with more than 2 TB/s of capacity.

With all this, we hope that the work and effort that we do every day the organizers of ArrayZone of its fruits and we can enjoy a useful for society Association.

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