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Market survey: results

After several days with the open survey, we have achieved the following results:

  1. The results of knowledge of ArrayZone is not conclusive since those who responded knew directly or indirectly a member.
  2. 86% of respondents knew what Web hosting or Hosting, against 14% of those who did not know it.
  3. On the contrary, only 68% of respondents who knew that it was Hosting interested in hiring you have felt. Compared with 32% who is not interested.
  4. 55% of the people surveyed do not have been interested in hiring a server. Compared with 45% of people who have been interested.
  5. On the contrary, a new service from ArrayZone, tunnels IP, only 9% of respondents have contracted or have been interested in signing him.
  6. 44% of respondents would be interested in hiring a server to be able to offer their services
  7. 28% of respondents want a game server to play Minecraft.
  8. Prices that would pay the respondents for the MICRO pack and a .ES domain move between €5 to €120, with an average of €20
  9. 64% of respondents found les correct our offer of €15 for the MICRO pack and a .ES domain
  10. To the respondents score an 8 out of 10 ArrayZone prices against the average (being 5 equal to the average and better than the average 10)
  11. For the respondents, it is important that services a large enterprise, provide them with 7.5 points out of 10.

The survey sample: 22 people


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