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It increases your productivity with Noisli

If you are one of those who is able to concentrate with all the ambient noise, congratulations, in the case that no, keep reading, you want…

Every day we are faced with a true jungle of sounds in the city: horns of cars, people screaming and much more noise that can even make us pass a bad night's sleep.
A solution may be listening to music or any type of sound with headphones or speakers, although the latter are sometimes worse than the ambient noise. If you don't want to get to listen and do not have a library of environmental sounds, I present Noisli.

The concept behind Noisli is quite simple: offer a player of relaxing sounds with the best possible user interface, being very easy to configure via an application that also allows us to save combinations of sounds, set a timer for activation and run the tool in the background, even added, as a gag, a notebook in which you can write "I am without distractions of Noisli text editor".

What sounds I listen with Noisli? The wind, trees, a bonfire, the sea, leaves on the Earth and many more sounds that will be perfect company for long sessions of work, study or simply relaxation. He even brings a collection of three sounds neutral, white, pink and Brown.

If you want to know more, Noisli

You have available Noisli on iphone and iPad, Chrome APP and website

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