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Twitter Tip: As unfollowing several users

It is possible that you have a Twitter account where you follow a lot of people and would like to start from scratch.

This trick requires some knowledge of the browser that you use, not of programming as I give you the code, so don't worry.

Unfollow on Twitter

First of all: Open twitter with your favorite browser, I make the example with Google Chrome, but use which you prefer. Go to the display of "Following".

Twitter page following

We just prepare: load all the page until you reach the end all

Twitter bottom

We begin: Open the JavaScript console with the second button in any part of page and click on inspectTwitter inspect

Almost is: on the screen is opened, we entered in the console tab

Twitter inspect console

Now to wait: and copy the following text and we hope to finish.

var divs = $('.following .user-actions-follow-button');
var followcounter = 0;
(function addFollow() {}
setTimeout (function () {}
If (followcounter ++ < divs.length) {}
divs[followcounter].click ();
(}, 2000);

This code allows us to unfollow everyone. It will take several minutes depending on the amount of people that follow, about 2 seconds for each user.

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