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Hide sensitive files with VeraCrypt

We have always thought that our team are unsure if we put a password to access the session, however this is not true. If an attacker has physical access to our team, you can access the files that are inside of him, without having to log in to our beloved Windows / Linux Mac, since this is independent of the system used. To avoid this, we can use security systems such as VeraCrypt, which I will explain later.

As they have access to our files

To access the files of a team without having to use the login password is by using a USB with Ubuntu Live CD. Then we do the units mount and have access to partitions and disks in the system before we thought inaccessible.

How to store our files

We can store our files on an encrypted disk.

The explanation for dummies: "we can make our files to be readable encriptandolos, i.e. adding a safety mechanism so that it can read only those who have the key to decrypt, which allows you to go back.

There are many systems to do this, one I recommend is VeraCrypt

Use VeraCrypt to encrypt your files

VeraCrypt is a modification of TrueCrypt, a tool designed to Windows XP that allowed to create virtual disks and encrypt their contents.

VeraCrypt is an enhancement of TrueCrypt, has higher possible iterations which are less likely to get information by brute force, brute force is a way to get a security key, testing one by one all the possibilities.

VeraCrypt also allows you to add written security keys, file security and even DNIe or physical security cards with electronic chip, but for this I finally needed a suitable reader.

How to use VeraCrypt

  1. Before you do anything, we need:
    1. A disk or partition available for dedicated use.
    2. If it is not possible to have a disk or partition, have enough space.
  2. Download the installation file, is completely free from the official website
  3. Install
  4. Run
  5. We create a new volume1
  6. Create an encrypted container file
  7. Select a standard volume. It is possible to make hidden volumes, which are those that are within other standard volume.3
  8. Location of the file.5
  9. We choose the type of encryption that you want to7
  10. And the size that we want to have our hidden file.8
  11. Assign you a password, keys files (it is recommended that you find in PenDrives, etc.) or PIM (DNIe, etc) systems9
  12. We created the system. It is recommended to be FAT (by the speed of treatment) and a not-too-large cluster.10
  13. We move the mouse for a few moments to be able to generate a sufficiently robust key. And we give you to Format11
  14. We hope while our drive is underway12
  15. If we are going to VeraCrypt, we choose our file and give it to Mount.13
  16. Request us the keys that we use to create the disk14
  17. We hope while charging15
  18. And we have access from your desktop16
  19. To remove it, simply go to VeraCrypt and click Dismount

Here the perfect form to hide our files to the human eye. Remember that so this system works it is not worth you put as the password 1234. Follow our instructions to create a strong password.

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