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On the importance of the Control of versions

At the beginning of the programming all practitioners who were engaged to design projects in which there was programming had to deal with many difficulties in development.

  • Difficult to control and manage very large projects
  • In teams, risk to overwrite the code of others before joining it.

In order to facilitate this work, have been designed since shortly after you begin to exist modern programming, systems of versioning (VCS – Version Control System).

  • SCCS (1972)
  • RCS (1982)
  • CVS (1986-1990)
  • SVN (2000)
  • Mercurial (2005)

While the natural evolution of the VCS was well intended, even missing a long way to go.

GIT revolutionized the way in as they were managed, so far, any application code. Despite that other VCS are still being used in many companies today, GIT has highlighted in its implementation. In addition, the main support of his main community GitHub has allowed to continue expanding much more quickly.

Serve for that version Control systems or VSC

The SVC is designed to allow the management of projects.

To make this management, version control systems store information that has passed through the system from its deployment.

If for example, a new programmer enters a project that has been used GIT (or any other SVC) from the very beginning, you can see all the evolution of the code from the first line to the current state.

Moreover, in the case of developing wrong and if necessary, go back, unless we have an VSC or manual backups, we can not return easily back in time.


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