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Password safe and robust

Many people believe that cause password 1234 or your birthday or even your phone number is to have a strong password. Obviously this is completely false.

password decrypt time

Characteristics of a strong password

  • It has more than 8 characters.
  • It has no relationship with the person, the name of your dog or cat, for example
  • It does not include information about the person, your name for example
  • Excludes words from dictionary. Do not use "dog" as your password
  • It is not made up of numbers and/or letters that are adjacent. Examples 123456, 1234qwerty, etc..
  • It contains at least one character from each following group:
    • Uppercase letters: a, b, c, d..
    • Letters: A, B, C, D..
    • Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3…
    • Special characters: # %? ( : _ . , ; …
  • Not repeat passwords
  • No one needs to know your passwords, rather than your brain. Sure that there no "hacker" gets it.
  • Never write your password on paper, so above provide the working people.
  • Don't use passwords by default, this means that when you come to the uncle of Movistar, change the password of the router, just out the door

How to create a secure password

  • You can use random characters on the keyboard.
  • Mnemonics. It is build a phrase which we can remember in the future, for example, in our life, hobbies, etc. And use the first letter of each word. Remember the phrase, it will suffice. For example:

"A circus that always glad the heart once upon a time" mythical phrase for many… the key that would generate would be–> "Huvucqasec"

To make it more secure, according to our standards before. We could put: "Was born in Alicante on December 9 and a cold that you cagas."–> "NeAe9dDyh1fqtc."

This last is the best thing since generate a password that does not exist in the dictionary and sure that does not see it nobody.

How to know if my password is secure?

You can use the HowSecureIsMyPassword page. Runs completely offline and tells you how much time could take to get your password.


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