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What backup types there are and which is best?

We've talked about copies of security above, but do not enter to differentiate the types of backup that exist. Now yes!

Types of security copy

To organize a proper way to perform backups, we need to decide which types of backup are going to make.

  • Copy of complete safety: this is the basic and essential backup in which we carry out a complete copy and total of all the data that you want to export. To copy all the data recovery time is shorter than in times of processes to run but probably longer get and possibly more expensive.
  • Security differential backup: are stored changes since the last full backup, to restore it, simply have that store the last full backup and then the last differential backup that you have. Requires more work that the copy completes to restore but takes up less space since changes are only stored since the last full backup.
  • Incremental backup: are stored changes since last incremental copy made. You are normally make a complete copy and then to do incremental backups of the same. This requires much less storage space since changes are only stored since the last copy. However is much more complex to recover since it will depend on how many incremental copies have made since the last full backup.

What backup type is best?

The answer to this is… None!

Every copy has a favourable scenario, for example:

  • If you have a database that doesn't take up too much, make copies of it, first because it is complete simple since we have a copy of the database and we don't need anything more.
  • If we need to support a hard disk which all employees of the company have access, it is possible to perform an incremental or differential backup, weekdays and Saturday late at night perform a complete copy of the data, thus will always have a basic weekly copy and other daily changes to the current day.

Choose the types of backup according to the following standards:

  • Most important, the budget available. If you have a very austere budget, in addition to prove we do not give much importance to the backups, you will have to use something to use the shortest possible, however, if you have a very large budget for backups we can choose to make more copies complete necessary for the data more quickly.
  • The amount of data to back up, if we have few data perhaps be more useful performing full backups. If on the contrary we have too much data might be necessary incremental since they take up less space than the others.


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