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Virtual Machines or VM

The virtual machines is a software that emulate a full computer and can run programs as if they were a real physical computer.

The Virtual Machines or VM are, by design, isolated from the machine which contains it, commonly called host. In addition, the virtual machine has some resources assigned and it can not exceed of those resources.

The most common use for a non-enterprise environment is the test applications or operating systems taking advantage that you don’t have to edit anything to our machine and have not afraid to remove or change any settings of the computer. In enterprise environments, are used to provide services and isolate each different VM service, thus, in the case of a failure, is more easy to locate and fix the VM that fails.

Types of Virtual Machines

The machines virtual are classified according to their function and their equivalence to a device real.

  • System VM
  • Process VM

System VM

They simulate a full computer, i.e. completely mimic a real team, in this way it is possible to install other operating systems without affecting to the host machine. There are different types of virtualization of system, such as paravirtualization, native virtualization , processing or storage, etc,…

Process VM

They simulate a specific environment for an application. The machine is running automatically and only supports the process by which it has open. This virtualization allows that a same code is run on different systems operating whenever they have the machine virtual. Examples of this system are the virtual machine Java or the .NET environment from Microsoft.

Problems of the Virtual Machines

He problem of use virtual machines to a team, in addition to add complexity to a system, tend to cause that the machine host e even them virtual if there is saturation, run more slow of what should operate, with times of response superior.

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