SSH tunnel

Using OpenVPN service is very good since it allows you to connect through a service and the configuration is minimal.

For those who do not have the time or resources, you can use something as simple as a client such as PuTTY SSH.

We need to make the tunnel:

  • Server outside your current network (it is possible that it is within the network, but if it is outside filters you can skip)
  • SSH, such as PuTTY client

Make a tunnel SSH do the following:


Windows does not come with a ssh client, so we have to get off one…
-Download PuTTY
-Open it (lol)
-For side tabs, go to connection > SSH and active 'Enable Compression'
-For side tabs, go to connection > SSH > tunnels and type a port, ip and select dynamic. (I usually use the 32323)

-For side tabs, returns to session and saves the session.
-Please log in


Linux and Mac come with a ssh terminal, so we will use it.
-Write in the terminal – Cd:32323 username@hostname
(Replacing the port you want to use, by our user on the server username and hostname by IP or domain, enter 32323)


-Download Firefox
-Open it (lol)
-Open the options and go to advanced > networks > options
-Select Manual setting and delete all content that has
-Write on SOCKS, the host and port used before.
-Dale OK

If we are on a corporate network, we can indicate in "do not use proxy for:" those directions or corporate domains, with what for such networks would not a tunnel.

-Type about: config in the Firefox address bar. Will let you know of that do not touch if you don't know, accept
-Search network.proxy.socks_remote_dns and enable it.

-Already have IP tunneled, if we are going to a site like cualesmiip or vermiip will see that we have another IP


Are you interested in a server for an SSH tunnel? Contact me and from €1 / month you will have your access to the servers of KCS.

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