VPN: Free versus Paid

Some people say the best things in life are free. And while that may be true for sunsets, walksalong the beach and hugs from our children, sometimes this premise doesn’t always ring true. And when it comes to choosing a VPN provider, finding the best service at a reasonable price can be your best option. Oftentimes a free VPN provider doesn’t offer very much bandwidth leaving you unprotected or you’re unable to use it on multiple devices, making these short-term fixes to a long-term problem.

When choosing a VPN provider, there are a few important elements you’ll need to take into consideration.

  • Does your VPN provider offer premium customer service support?
  • How many servers does your service offer? And across how many regions and/or countries?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of bandwidth you’re able to use the service for?
  • Does the provider log your personal information? And if so, how long will they keep it and what exactly are they intending to do with it?
  • How many devices can you use your subscription on? Are you going to have to get multiple accounts to cover your desktop, laptop, cell phone and/or tablet?
  • What kind of security are they offering? Are your transmissions encrypted?
  • Is your VPN provider reputable? What sorts of reviews are you seeing from reputable sources?
  • After signing-up with your VPN service, are you starting to see e-mails and other types of advertisements that you didn’t register for? Some VPN companies have been known to sell their customers’ personal information to third-party vendors, allowing them to display their advertising to their trusting customers.
  • Does your VPN provider give you multiple VPN protocols? Some protocols are more secure than others and in addition, there are pros and cons to different types of connections, which makes giving users additional options that much more important.

So while free VPN services might seem like a great on the surface, make sure that you know what to look for when choosing a VPN provider. Saving a few bucks a month might sound great, but the reality is that you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers who will cause a lot more harm than the few dollars you just saved.

With Free VPN Services, you must expect:

  • Poor number of servers or limited time connection.
  • Without customer service.
  • Possible log
  • One device simultaneous connection
  • Limited monthly bandwitch (Usually 0,5-1GB)
  • Slow speed.
  • They are just for hide your data when connecting to a site, not to be used frequently.

With Premium VPN Services, here’s what you can expect:

  • Big Number of Available Servers.
  • Premium Customer Service
  • No Logging. Ever!
  • Multi-Device Connection
  • Unmetered (or unlimited) Bandwidth
  • MultiCountry Servers
  • Gigabit Port Speeds

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